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Season 1

CHERRY, ORANGE, KIWI, and STRAWBERRY make up The Number 1s, a group of the most popular girls at Produce High. CHERRY, the ringleader (i.e., Satan with a hair bow and severe anger management issues), states her intention to hook up with BANANA, the BMOC and quarterback/captain of Produce High’s football team, that night at Kiwi’s party.

PEAR, a dreamer who wants nothing more than to be popular and hang out with The Number 1s, also aspires to hook up with Banana, whom she’s been in love with since kindergarten. She swears to her best friend, APPLE, as well their romantically involved gay friends, MANGO and COCONUT, that this will be the year she finally wins his heart. Her plans, however, rely mostly on communicating her love to BANANA via her aura and telepathic messages.

But BANANA’s got other things on his mind than to bother learning PEAR’s name or that she even exists: At Kiwi’s party, just before CHERRY was about to seduce BANANA, ORANGE drags him off to an upstairs bedroom to drop a bombshell on him: She’s pregnant, and he’s the dad. Overcome, BANANA decides there’s no other choice but to fling himself off Kiwi’s roof. His best pal, CUCUMBER (a fratty good-time guy in a lawnmower cap), talks him out of committing suicide that night, and Banana tells Orange not to breathe a word about the situation to anyone.

Meanwhile, CHERRY is out for blood. She’s decided she never wants to speak to Orange again and ousts her from The Number 1s for attempting to steal BANANA. MRS. EGGPLANT, the school’s sassy guidance counselor, finds ORANGE sobbing in a bathroom stall and attempts to give her some very pro-abortion advice. ORANGE heads to church, where she receives some advice from THE GUARDIAN GRAPES, a cluster of teen angels.

19. The Guardian Grapes give Orange some real talk

BANANA, on the other hand, has a breakdown and confides in CUCUMBER and SQUASH, the formidable runningback of the Produce High Pirates, about ORANGE’s pregnancy. The Number 1s are far less sympathetic when they find out ORANGE’s secret: CHERRY makes sure everyone at school knows about it.

While BANANA pretends that the baby doesn’t exist, ORANGE pays a visit to DR. CORNACOB, whom she asks for an abortion. Completely friendless and having undergone a traumatic experience, ORANGE sobs on the bleachers and catches the attention of the school’s resident stoners, THE PEPPERS, who invite her to partake in their smoky fun.

26. The Peppers offer to show Orange a NEW WAY

MANGO and COCONUT head out to The Cannery, a gay night club, and who should they see grinding on TOMATO, the president of a high school LGBTA, but super-homophobic SQUASH! SQUASH threatens MANGO and COCONUT later that night, but COCONUT knocks him out cold.

Despite the bad blood rushing between them, MANGO and COCONUT still approach SQUASH afterward to pass along some horrible news: TOMATO has OD’d after taking too many club drugs. SQUASH rushes to the hospital but tragically arrives just seconds too late.

27. Squash rushes to the hospital to see Tomato

SQUASH runs into FIG at TOMATO’s funeral, where he’s still unable to admit what TOMATO meant to him. Ashamed of himself and devastated by TOMATO’s death, SQUASH deduces that there’s only one thing left to do, and shortly after that, the school is rocked with news of his disappearance.

In another part of the school, FIG, the jaded guitar player who is all about the music and turned off by celebrities and “the system,” has landed in hot water with MUSHROOM, a bipolar hot mess who failed to make a name for himself in the art world and now teaches high school art. Shy naive PEACH is also in MUSHROOM’s crosshairs, and she develops some serious adoration of FIG when he stands up for them. Flirting with the definition of stalking, PEACH starts showing up at FIG’s gigs and winds up finagling herself a date with him to school’s Harvest Ball dance. FIG begs PLUM—PEACH’s older brother—to help him shake her, and PLUM promises him they’ll figure out a strategy to get rid of her.

Speaking of The Harvest Ball, PEAR feels left out when she learns that APPLE is going with PLUM, a quiet, smart guy who’s been crushing on Pear since the sandbox days. APPLE convinces PEAR to just ask BANANA to the dance to get him out of her system. PEAR bravely does just this, and to her astonishment, BANANA says yes. However, unbeknownst to PEAR, BANANA agreed to the date as a joke, finding the concept completely hysterical. His mirth soon vanishes when he learns SQUASH is missing.

CHERRY, by the way, is vigilant in doing her part to make sure everyone’s life is a living hell. When BANANA turns her down for a “study date,” she in turn makes sure everyone is aware that he’s riddled with VD. Before learning that SQUASH is MIA, she plans to take him to The Harvest Ball, even though STRAWBERRY is interested in him. Upon hearing about SQUASH, though, CHERRY decides to take BANANA to the dance after all, promising that he escorts her, she’ll recant the VD rumors.

PEAR is over the moon about going to the dance with the love of her life, BANANA—which makes her plummet back to reality especially painful when he fails to pick her up. The rose-colored glasses are gone: PEAR vows to whip up an act of revenge that will bring BANANA plenty of suffering to last the throughout the ages.

By the way: BANANA also fails to pick up Cherry—he and CUCUMBER skip the dance altogether. Thus, CHERRY is an especially ugly mood during The Harvest Ball, to the point where she causes STRAWBERRY to run away crying. For KIWI, this is the last straw: After witnessing all the hateful things CHERRY has done, KIWI has had enough, and she shoves CHERRY into the punch bowl. While CHERRY and KIWI vow to ruin each other, ORANGE finds STRAWBERRY crying in the bathroom and promises STRAWBERRY that they’ll make CHERRY pay.

48. Orange makes a vow

Season 2

Sometime after the dance, after they are crowned the Harvest Ball Royal Couple, MANGO and COCONUT head to a treehouse for a romantic tryst, where they discover SQUASH, who’s been in hiding. SQUASH coerces them into teaching him how “to be out and proud,” and soon MANGO and COCONUT struggle under the weight of keeping this project a secret. Their relationship takes a huge hit, and when SQUASH finds out, he vows to set things right, even if that means leaving the treehouse and admitting his secret!

BANANA, being an idiot brimming with problems, is failing chemistry and is assigned a tutor: PLUM. The study sessions aren’t going so well: PLUM is irritated that he’s not only been assigned to tutor a doof but the guy his crush, PEAR, is in love with, while BANANA is, well, BANANA. However, BANANA literally bumps into ORANGE, and when he learns she’s had an abortion, he becomes inconsolable (and, predictably, illogical).

PEAR, as you recall, is so over BANANA and plans to break his spirit. She concocts plans to humiliate him in front of the school, but it isn’t until she hears from PLUM about BANANA’s personal distress that she devises her ultimate act of revenge!

Meanwhile, the science teacher, MS. BLACKBERRY, is sick of CUCUMBER and CARROT constantly at each other’s throats, so she devises a special assignment for them: living as conjoined twins. Though CUCUMBER and CARROT are desperate to escape this assignment, CUCUMBER is obliged to sit in on CARROT’s Swords and Magic (S&M) games with his friends POTATO and CELERY. The S&M games start to take a dark turn, and CUCUMBER begins to truly fear the nerdy fellows.

PLUM and FIG meet in PLUM’s secret lair about how FIG can get rid of PEACH. PLUM proposes that FIG take PEACH to The Cannery, a music venue, and give her the impression he’s dating someone else—PEACH will surely back off! FIG does just this, and to his surprise, falls in love with HONEYDEW, a keytarist who’ll “karate chop your head off if you get in her way and make you like it.”

55. Fig and Peach go to a show, with surprising results

HONEYDEW is totally creeped out and annoyed by FIG, and PEACH is aggravated that FIG is in love with someone else. PEACH stumbles upon the secret lair and the plans to get rid of her, and decides to become a villain to exact revenge.

89. Peach plans for her future career in villainy

KIWI officially resigns from The Number 1s to CHERRY’s displeasure, effectively dissolving the group. CHERRY tries to find new groups to rule, such as BANANA and CUCUMBER as well as THE PEPPERS, to no avail. Even the GUARDIAN GRAPES can’t help her!

The other half of the foursome—ORANGE and STRAWBERRY—plan for the future: ORANGE is focusing on art, while STRAWBERRY decides to…eat glue. But while ORANGE’s attention is on art, MUSHROOM’s attention is on ORANGE, much to the dismay of APPLE, who’s hot for teacher.

APPLE attempts to seduce MUSHROOM, but MUSHROOM mistakenly believes that ORANGE is the one trying to lure him into the boudoir. Disgusted, ORANGE tricks MUSHROOM into going into the boys locker room naked and locks him in. MUSHROOM is promptly fired, and APPLE is humiliated over this turn of events. She retreats to the library to brood alone, but there meets a foxy newcomer named POM, whom she has an instant connection with. But APPLE learns that POM is not a sexy guy like she supposed: He’s transgender. Frustrated and confused, APPLE is considerably angry about this discovery—but kisses POM anyway.

Desperate for STRAWBERRY to stop consuming glue, ORANGE pleads with her to find a new life goal. STRAWBERRY decides to revert back to former interest: pursuing FIG. However, the moment that STRAWBERRY happens upon FIG is the same moment that KIWI does: KIWI overhears FIG’s self-penned obsessive song about HONEYDEW and vows to turn him into a respectable, dateable dude.

PEACH also witnesses this event and retreats to the lair, where she fleshes out her plan to become a true villain. But all good villains need a henchperson, which PEACH discovers in BLUEBERRY, APPLE’s little sister.

Things really come to a head when PEAR puts her plan into action: She creates, a website of lies that “prove” Banana’s closeted homosexuality—it’s why he’s been so upset that SQUASH is gone and wouldn’t agree to be a a proper father to his and ORANGE’s baby! This act causes PEAR to attract the attention and admiration of ORANGE, who’d been longing for someone to take BANANA down a peg or two. It also causes SQUASH to return to the school and come out of the closet, encouraged that his friend BANANA was coming out. Curiously, it also fulfills BANANA’s wish: To have SQUASH come back: “Jesus, I’d marry whoever made that happen!” If ever a plan was to both simultaneously hit the bullseye and totally miss the mark, this is it!

93. Myriad hopes and dreams converge in one single act of revenge

The season concludes with CHERRY fuming and scheming in the boiler about how to get revenge on KIWI. A mysterious stranger—ZUCCHINI—steps from the shadows and says how he believes they can mutually be of use to each other…

Season 3

SQUASH has returned to discover his sexual orientation is a nonissue, especially now that BANANA is distracted by his interest for PEAR and writing her poetry.

PEAR, however, couldn’t care less about BANANA now: Her focus is on her growing popularity.

PEAR is so busy reveling in her new popularity that she has no time for APPLE, who has a real issue: She’s so overwhelmed with her conflicting feelings for POM that she winds up kissing him in spite of herself whenever they meet.

APPLE attempts to pour her heart out to MANGO, but he’s got his own problems: One’s found at the bottom of a flask, and the other is COCONUT, who’s being set up with Organix Prep hot shot BOK CHOY with the help of WIDOW CRAISIN.

Meanwhile, in the grungy depths on the school’s boiler room, ZUCCHINI explains his intentions and motivations to CHERRY.

The rest of The Number 1s are preoccupied with other matters. KIWI, for one, attempts to sculpt the hapless FIG into someone worthy of HONEYDEW’s woo, much to PEACH’s fury.

PEACH brainstorms some evil plans in the secret lair, but the best she came up with so far is a nefarious key swap, which happened to coincide with a nefarious key swap performed by an equally jealous STRAWBERRY, whose addiction to glue gets MUSHROOM fired from his new job at the art store.

FIG puts what he learned from KIWI into effect at The Cannery the next time he sees HONEYDEW, but it seems like KIWI’s now starting to have more-than-sensai feelings for him!

Fellow ex-Number 1 ORANGE is preoccupied with CLEMENTINE, her cousin who’s just enrolled in Produce High. A freshly concussed BANANA notes their physical similarities, believing CLEMENTINE to be his and ORANGE’s child.

Meanwhile, BANANA’s best bud, CUCUMBER, is having a heart attack every time he sees CARROT, who thrives on tormenting him with the power of suggestion.

CUCUMBER tries to explain his fears to KIWI but she believes he’s overreacting. However, his premonition that something bad is afoot turns out to be true, although not in the way he thought: Two law-a-breaking fugitives named PICKLE and PLANTAIN duck inside the school while avoiding the cops and stumble upon a plan to take over the identities of CUCUMBER and BANANA!

PICKLE and PLANTAIN kidnap BANANA and CUCUMBER and tie them up in the school’s boiler room. Then they make their debut

More updates to come!

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