The Traffic ASSHAT

Once, I was driving to visit my parents when some ASSHAT wanted to pass me, but I couldn’t get over quickly/safely enough or go faster because there was another driver in front of me.

When I finally managed to get over, the ASSHAT beeped angrily at me then stared me down as he drove by.

Generally I’m uncomfortable wishing horrible things to befall my fellow man, but I was already in an anxious, gruesome mood that day, so I tried to console by imagining that his horn had a bomb in it, and the next time the horn was pressed, the bomb would go off. So the ASSHAT, in his final moments, would gasp with realization, “Ahhh, I’m an ASSHAT” right before the end.

It didn’t really make me feel better, though…until I later told my mom, and she just burst out laughing, which made me start laughing, so I guess it did work, after all.

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