My Favorite Things -OR- What to Do With a Bricked Laptop

When my Netbook decided to go on strike and accumulate updates but not actually install them, my brother stepped in to wipe the system clean so I could start use it afresh. For mystifying reasons, he also elected to change the password. He swears he told me what the new password was when he gave the Netbook to me, but neither of us remember. The only hint the login screen gives us is favorite things, which is even more mysterious in that even I don’t know what this can imply.

I tried approaching it from the perspective of my brother—what does he think my favorite things are? He said, in no particular order of importance:




My boyfriend, Honey Bear

He isn’t too far off, but no combination of those helped unlock the Netbook.

The following are some more of my favorite things, but they, too, did not = password:


Making a wish at 11:11

Getting a good horoscope


Eating irresponsible amounts of snacks

Magic wands (preferably topped with a star)

This was all very frustrating.

At that point, I briefly attempted to sell the Netbook online, but I don’t think the description was too compelling.

Fortunately, my brother agreed to do another reinstall and provide a memorably bland password, saving me the trouble of becoming a sorceress and casting a spell to turn the Netbook into a person so I could strangle it. Another bright side: this occurrence prompted me to prepare a few ideas of what you can do if you’re ever in a similar situation:

A fix for wobbly furniture

A very sturdy pup tent for a very small pup

A dustable
(i.e., one of those things lying around, being decorative but useless, and collecting lots of dust because you hate dusting so much that when you do dust, you can’t even bear to pick up the object because it serves it right—how dare it exist in the first place, and why must you own so much stuff?! Postscript: I hate dusting.)

A handy way to turn a paperback book into a hardcover
(Take this as a sign to give your tired eyes a reprieve from looking at a screen and read more print materials!)

A lap protector
Avoid singeing your sensitive thighs from the heat of your new laptop while you blog about your favorite things!

Question of the Week: What are your favorite things? – OR – What’s a creative thing you’d recommend doing with a bricked laptop?

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