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MARGO RISING is a snarky Sweet Valley High blog that was first introduced as SVH Bitchin’ in April 2008 before switching to a new format and address (and more polite title) in February 2009. Finally, it found a more permanent home on the HappiMess Media site in August 2015. The revised blog title pays homage to one of the more notoriously asinine plot lines in the series involving Margo and her noble but sadly thwarted mission [1] [2]. In other words, the project is named after a character who wanted to murder the Wakefield twins, much like Stef wanted to after reading about all their inane shenanigans.

The purpose of MARGO RISING was to recap every book in the Sweet Valley High series in a delightfully bratty and inappropriate way by Jan. 1, 2010, even if it meant slogging through yet another far-fetched magna edition featuring murdered teenagers and a Liz-and-Todd fight. This blog also recapped the beyond-awkward TV show and other memorabilia, and promoted art and ideas—both humorous and thought-provoking—in relation to Sweet Valley High, all with liberal amounts of slang and Grease references.

On the bittersweet day of Nov. 3, 2009, Stef finished the last of the Sweet Valley High books. Upon achieving this Pyrrhic victory, she can now quote The Simpsons with great authority: “That is the stupidest story I’ve ever heard, and I’ve read the entire Sweet Valley High series.”


(retold by MARGO RISING)

The Super Editions

Super Thrillers

Magna Editions

Super Stars

The Show

1 – “Dangerous Love”
2 – “Oracle On Air”
3 – “Skin And Bones”
4 – “Critical Mess”
5 – “What, Me Study?”
6 – “Almost Married”
7 – “The Curse Of Lawrence Manson”
8 – “The Prince Of Santa Dora”
9 – “Coma”
10 – “Uh Oh Seven”
11 – “Secrets”
12 – “Photographic Evidence”
13 – “Club X”
14 – “Poetic Injustice”
15 – “Stolen Diary”
16 – “Love on the Line”
17 – “Working Girls”

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