Exhibit 49: Jessica Hagy’s Indexed

What makes Jessica Hagy’s Indexed blog so successful is that its social-commentary graphs are quick to mentally absorb, funny, and true. As Hagy says on the About page, “This is a little project that allows me to make fun of some things and sense of others without resorting to doing actual math.” As someone who likes to laugh and is math averse (although I just made the most divine Excel spreadsheet fulls of all sorts of delicious formulas), I can appreciate that.

happimess-media-indexed-jessica-hagy-01 happimess-media-indexed-jessica-hagy-02 happimess-media-indexed-jessica-hagy-03 happimess-media-indexed-jessica-hagy-04 happimess-media-indexed-jessica-hagy-05 happimess-media-indexed-jessica-hagy-06 happimess-media-indexed-jessica-hagy-07 happimess-media-indexed-jessica-hagy-08 happimess-media-indexed-jessica-hagy-09

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