Plant Inspo: Creative Ways to Add a Bit of Greenery to Your Life

Portland‘s been having a very mild winter this year, which I’m super into—that’s what I signed up for when Honey Bear and I moved from Pennsylvania: a distinct lack of snow.

(Howevs, last January it snowed a foot [which is easier for me to visualize if I say it snowed the height of one Barbie doll]. This was immediately followed by freezing rain, and temperatures stayed below 32 degrees for a full week. The city all but shut down because no roads were salted or plowed. As a Yankee, I was aghast by the solution of “Let’s just wait ’til it melts!”)

One of the reasons I was initially attracted to Portland was because the mild, warm weather makes everything stay green all year long. I love plants, even though I’m lazy about gardening. My method of growing stuff and caring for greenery is to just try my luck: Scatter some seeds at random and see what turns up. And then I don’t know what to do with them once they actually start to grow, so I donate them to a friend.

Still, my laissez-faire attitude toward horticulture doesn’t stop me from wanting to be surrounded by plant life like you’ll find in this post. Maybe these images will inspire you to up the amount of nature in the world yourself!

Revitalize old bricks with succulents and candles!

My friend has a tea shop (click this image to visit the website) and also makes funky ceramics — I should ask if I can commission her to create a plant holder such as this smiley one!

Sometimes all you need to do is just add a massive leaf

Group your crystals with your plants and boom — you’ll immediately have an Instagram-worthy collection

Why is aquarium gravel so damned expensive?!

What to do with all those wine corks you’ve got lying around, reminding you of your alcoholism

Evidence that Jack goes well with most everything

Sad this post is over? There’ll be more greenery posts in the future, fear not!

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