Halloween Decor: Doin’ It Up Right, Part 1

When I lived at The Penthouse, I hosted an annual H’ween party. Thus, I came to have quite the collection of Halloween decorations (which included printouts of Stephen Gammell’s nightmarish illustrations from the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series and heaps and heaps of cobwebs, which really go a long way to transforming a room). But I didn’t take any of it with us when Honey Bear and I moved, and now each year we make our decorations, and by that I mean we carve half-priced pumpkins on the first weekend of November and belatedly put them on the stoop just in time for TomHanksGiving.

Not only are we putting jack-o-lanterns on the stoop in November, we don’t even know what thyme is

But some people really know how to do it up right when it comes to Halloween decorjust take a peek at these fine examples, and try some of the tutorials and become the town’s toast!

Make these super-perfect cupcakes, and then you might as well just throw them away, because they’re too beautiful to eat

For those of us who are more hands-off about the holiday

Click the pic for a link to the tutorial for these cheesecloth spirits

Artist Snow Violent created a way for you to spookify your morning coffee (click the pic for more)

Decorate your cat!

Decorate WITH your cat!

Even if your jack-o-lantern is fake, go on — stuff Meowy Meowington in there already

Just when you can’t stand it anymore, add some finishing touches

For real: Some people don’t mess around

Click this pic to go the tutorial for henna and wood-burned pumpkins!

A bunch of jack-o-lanterns loitering on your stoop, scaring away the riff-raff

For those who’ve really mastered the $4 Pumpkin Masters tools

A gift for the hostess (with the ghostess)

A secret bonus to decorating

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