Exhibit 37: Suren Manvelyan’s Human Eye Photography

I used to consider myself an “eye person”: I could effortlessly remember the eye color of anyone I met. I’m also pretty sure that “has nice eyes” was on one of my many lists of attributes I’d like the guy of my dreams to possess (although thinking about it, it’d take some real effort for a person to have a really hideous pair of peepers, so this characteristic narrowed down nothing).

However, Suren Manvelyan has got me beat: He is an eye person, if his close-up photography of the human eye is any indication. The images are both hypnotic and even a little uncomfortable, changing into black holes surrounded by a mandala of rainbow fibers of an almost tactile quality. You may never gaze into your true love’s eyes quite the same again.

For more of the artist’s work, visit http://www.surenmanvelyan.com/.

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